In the Studio1

In the Studio

It started as a violin album but almost every track that started off as a violin piece got turned into something else. “Notes from Heather” started in 2011 and was finished at the end of 2013. It was a difficult project, but I thought I could do something that would make someone’s day just a little more interesting….


I always wanted to write songs or arrange music for a movie or something like that. My CD developed into something I never imagined I would achieve so soon. Prior to it I did various small but interesting projects adding to experience such as doing the music for a film student’s movie, skating music….

Album reviews

“I have today had the magical pleasure and delight of listening to your CD from beginning to end. I am utterly amazed at what you have achieved…” “When I’m feeling low I put on your cd and I feel ok again.” “Fresh. When most people’s songs are about people’s misery this is so up-lifting.” “I was blown away.” “You are the only REAL artist I know personally.” “Stunning.”…

H talks about herself

I thought one day I might become an architect, orthodontist, Lippizzaner rider, archaeologist, detective, car designer, or somebody’s secretary. I had piano and recorder lessons for a short while when I was about 9, and started flute when I was 12 for a short while until my teacher left, but didn’t play anything seriously until I was almost finished with school…

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A Passion for Dance

I am not trying to market myself as a dancer, instructor or choreographer. I would like to encourage those who have similar dreams or limitations to what I had to reach for their dreams. I would also like to show how music and dance are both so important to me….

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