Clip 10. Mosquito Dance

Singers: Ndabezinhle Mntambo, Themba Maglangu Nkosi (rapper).

Based on bits of a little violin piece called Mosquito Dance from Ludwig Mendelssohn’s Five Miniatures Op.11. I was trying some ideas out with this piece when one day I by accident converted the piano part on the computer into a synthesised instrument (so synthesised its called the “Synthesiser”) – and I decided it was time for a remix. Some parts were from the actual piece, the rest was based on it or my own invention. The rap was something I thought from the beginning would work with it, but only pulled that off at the very last minute with Themba (a former Max Stibbe student, also a drummer in the marimba band, middle of front line). It was also basically an experiment, but lots of people love this number.

Ndabezinhle I met when he was a mathematics teaching intern at the school, and says – according to his mother – that he started singing at eleven months. She would sing songs with him on her back and he would hum the melody. He is from Soweto but originally from Newcastle KZN. He pulled off all his parts in the songs he has done with me in recordings or live with such ease. A talent whose voice I liked the moment he first spoke to me and I knew it had to be in one of my songs.

(I love discovering new talent, for example recently I was in a small coastal town in SA and I heard a boy singing in the street for money before I even saw him. I literally followed his voice like he was the Pied Piper, but as I was approaching him a security guard chased him away and he ran away before I got there. I can still hear that voice ringing in my ears, and have never heard singing quite like that with such a beautiful voice and such determination, I would have put him in my next album, but I never found him again).