Clip 9. Hear Me Sing

This was my very first original song. Although it is the favourite on the previous album, it will be re-recorded for my next CD but I have put a short sample here. The song is about finding comfort in music.

Lead singer: Lerato Madisa. Backing vocalist: Lorraine Msiza.

Lerato sings in her spare time as she has another full-time job. I found her slightly by chance but was so thrilled with her voice, it was exactly what I needed for the song, and I look forward to helping develop her singing in the future. I put the song together very quickly and we recorded it in a very short amount of time, and I am amazed at how it came out although we would still like to take it to a professional level.

Lorraine comes from the township of Nelmapius near Mamalodi, the daughter of someone who used to work for my parents, is finishing school and has high hopes for the future. She has a wonderful warm strong voice and although she only forms part of the backing vocals in the chorus she made a valuable contribution to the song and was a lovely person to work with.