Clip 1. Flute Highlights

This is a collection of short snippets from a recording of my final BMus concert. Excerpts are from Mozart’s Flute and Harp Concerto, Borne Carmen Fantasy, Bolling Jazz Trio, and the Briccialdi Carnival of Venice – accompanied by Gareth Ross (piano), Gaylen Sales (harp), Hugo Radin (drums) and Werner Spies (double bass). This is a shorter version than that on the album.

Flute was my principle instrument at university, but I almost haven’t played since that concert. I felt I wanted to leave it on a good note. I then focused on violin. (Being such a difficult instrument and starting so late I was never good at violin, but I enjoyed it and also had a very special old violin to play on that had been in the family for a while and was literally lying in a dusty corner of the old attic when I found it to start learning to play). I studied both seriously for thirteen years each – with quite a long overlap period.

That concert was one of the most special occasions of my life (and an important exam for music students specialising in performance). The Carnival of Venice at the end was a particular dream of mine to play after I heard James Galway playing it on Classic fm when I was in primary school. Just listening to some of it again makes me feel quite out of breath, but brings back one of the highlights of my music career – on stage playing for an hour in front of everyone that knew me and at the end having to come back again three times from backstage to bow.